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RaptorsHQ TV - Would Acquisition of Nash be Band-Aid Solution?

In yesterday's edition of RaptorsHQ TV, Ray Bala and I talked about the potential impact of Steve Nash on the Toronto Raptors from a variety angles.

There's no question Nash would be a boon to the franchise, especially from a marketing, PR, and off-court perspective.

But is grabbing Nash the right thing to do from a long-term perspective? Considering the similarities to Jose Calderon and needs elsewhere, not to mention the club's continuing lack of elite young talent, is adding a player like Nash simply postponing the inevitable? At 38, he's hardly a spring chicken and while his health was good last year (Nash played in 62 of his club's 66 games), he's had issues in the past that aren't guaranteed to stay dormant.

Especially without Phoenix's magical medical staff around.

In this morning's edition of RapsHQ TV, I talk a bit about these concerns and wonder if there might not be a more forward-thinking option for BC.

I also drink a beer...