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Lunchbox Links - Batum, Raptors Free Agent Options, NBA Playoffs and More!

While there's not a ton going on in Raptorland right now in terms of news, there is lots of NBA ongoings worth noting so figured we'd roll out an edition of LBL.

First off, regarding the Raptors, a look at some positional needs. RaptorsRepublic wonders if Toronto should draft a point guard, while's Tim Chisholm looks at some possible small forward options for the Dinos via free agency.

One option that's been bandied about is restricted free agent Nicolas Batum, a player Blazers Edge gives the full 411 on.

And speaking of free agents, Tom Ziller of SB Nation presents the NBA Free Agent Head Coach Power Rankings...which for some reason don't include either Jay Triano or Sam Mitchell...

Moving on to the NBA playoffs, it's become pretty obvious that as much as we like to joke about Chris Bosh's inclusion in the Big 3, the Heat need him to win a title. The National Post's Eric Koreen discusses this as well, especially in the context of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade's other options "sans-Bosh."

In the West, the Lakers have their hands full with the Thunder in a series where Kobe has been fairly "un-clutch" and the San Antonio Spurs look to have a stranglehold on their series already. Yahoo! Sports' Dan Devine takes a look at how impressive SA has been over the last 15 games, while the Toronto Sun's Ryan Wolstat says "don't call Tim Duncan old!"

Finally today, we end things on a humourous note with a look at the Memphis Grizzlies as Mario Kart players, and yes, a Spurs fan actually is risking a school suspension over this haircut...