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RaptorsHQ TV - Steve Nash and the Toronto Raptors

If you missed the news from just over a week ago, you're probably not someone who follows basketball.

At all.

Steve Nash of course was named General Manager of Canada's basketball program, a huge move that has huge implications for the game in this country, not only from a national team perspective, but potentially regarding the country's lone professional squad as well.

For years fans have pined for Steven Nash to suit up for the Toronto Raptors but until this recent move made by Canada Basketball, it seemed like a pipe dream at best.

But in the wake of this move, many have argued that Nash in the Dinos' back-court is no longer such a stretch, and that Raptors' GM Bryan Colangelo, whom Nash already has a storied history with, will do everything in his power to bring Steve to TO next year.

We've yet to discuss the topic in much detail, but we kick said conversation off this morning with thoughts from both myself and our Canadian Basketball correspondent, Ray Bala, in our latest edition of RaptorsHQ TV: