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Look What Raptors Stuff I Found On Ebay

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Can Ball Ray, the finder of the strange and unusual on Ebay, has found an oddball of an autograph for you Raptors fans. The player who's autograph it is is a memorable Raptor shooter during that string of three consecutive Play Off runs but the item signed is a little unusual. Find out who it is and what he signed here ...

Item: A Major League baseball autographed by Dell Curry

Now this is a bit unusual but the back story behind why it's so interesting for a Raptors fans is pretty cool.

For those of us who remember the time when Vince Carter used to play with heart and the Dinos were looking at the Play Offs as a possibility, Dell Curry was that outside gunner keeping the middle spread for Wince and Antonio Davis.

When Dell arrived in Toronto after a decade in Charlotte when they were the Hornets, he was on his last legs in the League but the dude could still knock down the three. He was the predecessor to Jason Kapono if you will. For those of us that remember him, he would miss every shot you gave him except the back breaking trey for the lead or the game. The was that kind of shooter. He is currently the Raps fifth best 3-PT shooter of all time registering in at .390 over his three seasons.

But what people don't often know is that Dell was also a pretty good baseball player. He was drafted by the Baltimore Orioles in the 14th round in 1985 after going 6-1 with a 3.81 ERA after his junior diamond season at Virginia Tech. He never did make the majors, or even sign with a minor league team, but he did get into a minor league game for the Gastonia Rangers. He started the game, lasted three innings striking out three batter but giving up three hits, a walk and an earned run to be tagged with the loss. That would be the end of his baseball career but you can at least have this signed baseball to put on your mantel, your desk or coffee table.

Or you could just have have this autograph instead in your pocket to impress your friends. And it's even on a Bobcats business card.