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Poll - Raptors vs Magic - Which Team Currently Would You Rather Be?

So far in our "Who'd You Rather Be" series, the vote has been in favour of the opposition.

Both the Dallas Mavericks and Utah Jazz were voted, both by readers, writers and opposing team bloggers, as being in preferable overall positions to the Toronto Raptors as of now. The reasons varied, from current talent to management and ownership and it's obvious that the Raps are going to be in tough in future "match-ups" for many of these same reasons.

However this one I expect to be quite close.

The Orlando Magic got the EVER so slight edge in my take on their current situation versus that of the Dinos, and even SB Nation's own Magic blogger, Evan Dunlap, noted that the compare was a lot closer than he had anticipated.

So to settle this, we of course want to hear from you.

Magic or Raptors, which team would you rather be presently?