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Can Ball Ray Talks Steve Nash As the New GM of the Senior Men

It was announced last week that Steve Nash was announced as the new general manager of the Canadian Senior Men's National Team and it's about time that Can Ball Ray put a video up of the whole thing.

He has written about three big areas where Mr. Nash could be seen to immediately the Senior Men's program, and Canada Basketball as a whole, and you can find those posts here in Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 where I discuss them in greater detail.

Basically, I'm harping on Nash as the best thing to happen to the National Program in a long time and all this means to infuse some much needed optimism for the future. It may only be a matter of time when we, as a collective basketball loving people, will be looking upon the next few editions of the Senior Men as Canada's Nash-onal Team in the most figurative and literal forms on the floor.

So who's on the bandwagon early?

CanBall Report: Steve Nash Becomes National Team GM (via raptorshqsbn)