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Basketball Gods Draft Choice for Raptors - Jared Sullinger

SB Nation has been rolling out some pretty entertaining mock drafts over the past few weeks.

They looked at the NBA draft lottery through the eyes of an optimistic "upside" GM, and also through the inverse, the cranky pessimistic one.

Now, SB Nation's Tom Ziller takes a new approach - how the NBA draft lottery would look if controlled by the Basketball Gods.

While I'm not sure I'd agree with his top choice, Brooklyn (wouldn't the Basketball Gods smile on a team like Charlotte or New Orleans after all they've been through?) his take on the Raptors' result admittedly made me smirk:


If Toronto really wants to be America's European Team From Canada, The Basketball Gods will help. They offer the least European player in the draft, but one with a body that, if it came attached to a less skilled player, would definitely be headed to Europe out of college.

I like Sullinger and all, but I'm not as bullish on him now as I was last season.

Especially when recent statistical analysisrated none other than Hoffa as one of his closest NBA compares...