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Poll - Success or Failure? How Would You Rate the Raptors' 2011-12 Season?

Yesterday I argued that the 2011-12 season for the Toronto Raptor was a failure.

Sure, Dwane Casey had made huge strides in terms of getting the club to play defense, and changing the team's overall culture, but to me, from a big picture perspective, a failure to secure a top 3 lottery spot combined with very little in the way of individual improvement from key players, meant this was an F when all was said and done.

The post touched off a solid discussion on the topic, both on the site and on Twitter, and some great points were made regarding not only the idea of the season being a success or failure, but also in terms of the whole notion of tanking and Toronto's attempts at it; they gave it their best shot this year, but other teams simply were much more "tanky" when all was said and done.

But let's hear your take on things via vote, nice and simple:

Overall, how would you rate the recently-ended campaign?