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Look What Canadian Basketball Stuff I Found On Ebay

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Avid basketball jersey collector Can Ball Ray has located another set of great items on Ebay that would make anyone's jersey game turn heads of basketball fans, sports memorabilia collectors and uber hipsters alike. Happening upon these great finds has made him not only curse the online gods for showing them to him but for making them available when pay day is two weeks away. Check out what item he found in Big Ebay Country ...

Item #1 - A Vancouver Grizzlies Bryant "Big Country" Reeves Champion Game Jersey

Now this is a find right here. An authentic Vancouver Grizzlies Champion game jersey. What can I say as a jersey collector other than "Holy Crap!"

This is a pretty good, sorry damn good, specimen of the first version of the Grizz's road jersey which they wore from 1996 to 2000 when they went to a more clean look sans grizzly bear graphic on the chest with the alternate black jersey. Looking at the images provided by the seller, this looks to be in near mint condition despite the item being described as gently used. The screened on letters are not cracked and the tackle twill of the both the numbers and Bryant Reeves' name look intact as well. This my friends is the one of the better looking versions of this Champion gamer I've seen in a while.

Now I know that the price tag may make you second guess the importance for eating for a month (or feeding your wife and kids) but if you're looking for a guaranteed piece both Canadian basketball history and highly sought after vintage sports memorabilia/apparel than this could be a piece for you. But if you're looking for a cheaper version that won't break the bank and possibly save you from a divorce check out these two cheaper jerseys here and here. The first one is blank with the Grizzlies script in white at a size 48 (equivelant to an XL back then) while the second one is a size 44 (about a L back then) with the Grizzlies script in a dull gold or lighter brown color. I could never figure out the reason for the non white color of the script in the second jersey (and if you know please share) but they are both legit game type jerseys and you could always put your own name and numbers on them like Pete Chilcutt or Roy Rogers. That is if you beat me to them. And at these low prices there could be a bitting war on them both.