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Could Lin Be Plan B for Raptors if Nash Pitch Falls Through?

Jeremy Lin was one of the biggest stories of the NBA season.

Maybe the biggest story.

Maybe the biggest story in sports!

Maybe the biggest...anyways, you get the idea.

Linsanity was everywhere this past February and while it died off towards the end of the season, especially after he suffered a season-ending injury, that didn't stop speculation as to what team Lin would play for next season.

The Knicks are obviously an option, and at the end of the season it sounded pretty clear that Knicks' coach Mike Woodson expected Lin back next year.

But it's not inconceivable that he ends up elsewhere.

Like Toronto.

Earlier today New York Daily news' Mitch Lawrence reported that the Raptors could be an option for Lin, especially if they strike regarding Steve Nash:

The Raptors are also a potential landing spot for Jeremy Lin. They like him and what he'd do for their attendance, but Toronto would have to "back-load" an offer to the restricted free agent, paying him gazillions in the final couple of years of a deal, and hope that the Knicks would not match. According to league sources, that's what the Raptors just might do if their Nash plan falls through....

Lawrence goes on though to say that it's highly unlikely the Knicks let Lin slip away, but they can't have both he and Nash and the Raps may indeed be able to scoop one of the two up.