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Was the 2011-12 Season a Success for the Raptors?

The Toronto Raptors won 23 games during the abridged 2011-12 season.

At face value, this was not a successful campaign. The club missed the playoffs yet again, saw fan interest continue to dwindle, particularly in terms of in-game attendance, and key players like Andrea Bargnani missed huge stretches of games due to injury.

However the club made major strides forward defensively, seemed to respond to new head coach Dwane Casey in terms of the culture he was trying to implement, and the 23 wins that the club ended up with, was in fact more, sometimes by a long shot, than many prognosticators had expected prior to the season.

In fact, in the eyes of most fans and media, this season despite its lowly win total, was indeed a success.

But viewed in totality, was it?

That's today's topic, something Franchise and Scott Campsall recently discussed in the latest edition of RaptorsHQ TV...