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Raptorblog Talks to Vince Carter

See what happens when you get behind in reading?

Was going through some linkage here tonight and ran into the great post Scott Carefoot and Joseph Casciaro did at Raptorblog on Friday that I completely missed. The duo did an interview with the one and only Vince Carter, whom they had recently voted as the greatest Raptor of all time.

It's an interesting read and Scott and Joseph do a nice job mixing in a number of different style questions, from ones regarding his past with Toronto, to even getting his take on the Dwight Howard situation, considering Carter was briefly a teammate of D12.

The most painful piece though of the interview for me?

How about this, from VC...

I used to say ‘hey, give us a shot. Let us put Toronto and Canada on the map. Let us be seen.' It's unfortunate. It has happened, but it just hasn't happened consistently. And I still think the younger players in the league now have no idea how great Canada is.

Unfortunately I agree, and no matter how ardently Casey and Colangelo deny issues with the city in terms of attracting free agents, Carter's words make me believe they'll continue to have their work cut out for them.