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Poll - Which NBA Playoff Semi-Finals Are You Most Excited About?

With the effects of the compressed season still lingering, the second round of the NBA playoffs got underway last night even before the first round had come to a conclusion. It sounds like we might get a lot more of this too, The Boston Celtics started their second round match-up against the Philadelphia 76ers before the Los Angeles Lakers and Denver Nuggets finished off their Western Conference Quarter Finals series.

The Celts won, putting them up 1-0 now, and the Lakers halted the Nuggets attempt at an epic first-round comeback, setting up a very intriguing Lake Show vs Thunder second round series out West.

But is that the best second-round series on the books? We're still waiting for the winner of the LA Clippers - Memphis Grizzlies, but the winner will take on the Spurs either way, so our Sunday poll question is simply, "what second-round series are you most excited about?"

Let us know below...