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Poll - Raptors vs Jazz - Which Team Currently Would You Rather Be?

The Utah Jazz's current talent versus the Toronto Raptors' potential future talent.

The Dinos' favourable cap situation versus a well-balanced Jazz financial layout.

Norma Wick vs...well...

It's a bit of a different situation from Thursday's look at the Dallas Mavericks vs the Toronto Raptors and again, we want to hear your take. Would you prefer to be in the Raptors' shoes as they face the upcoming off-season, or those of the Jazz, fresh off a surprising playoff appearance and chalk full of prospects like Favors, Burks and Hayward?

So far the take has been the Jazz and in my books, I don't think it's close. Even more so than the Mavs, who have little to show for in terms of incoming prospects, I think the Jazz have one of the best upsides in the league talent-wise, including multiple future first-rounders thanks to the Deron Williams trade.

To me it's Jazz all the way but let's hear your take...