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Lunchbox Links - Ultimate Raptor, Steve Nash, Draft Rankings and More!

Not a lot of Raptor-talk in this edition of LBL, mostly of course because the team isn't in the NBA's post-season, and the draft has yet to get into full swing.

But RaptorsRepublic polls their readers for an interesting look at who Toronto should choose in the upcoming draft lottery. The first few results are expected, but it's interesting to see so many fans still hot on the Harrison Barnes bandwagon.

Speaking of bandwagon, all aboard the "Steve Nash to the Raptors" train, and if you missed it,'s Tim Chisholm does a great job explaining why Nash to TO isn't such a crazy idea as it might have been a few months ago.

Meanwhile in Raptor-land, argues that Andrea Bargnani's injury was symbolic of the Raptors' year, and Raptorblog caps off its "Ultimate Raptors Rankings" with the top overall choice. Pretty sure you know who they picked.

The Raptors season ended a few weeks ago but that the National Post's Eric Koreen hasn't been sitting on his hands. He's done a bang-up series of post-mortem's on recently eliminated NBA playoff clubs, the latest being his "now-what" on the Chicago Bulls.

Speaking of the Bulls...ahhh Carlos Boozer.

Still in the playoffs at the expense of said Bulls are the Philadelphia 76ers, who are taking advantage of a transformed Jrue Holiday.

And SB Nation's Mike Prada discusses Kevin Garnett, "The Superstar the NBA Forgot," who helped propel his Celtics into the second round of the playoffs last night, where they'll meet the 76ers.

If you missed SB Nation's blogger take on the NBA"s awards, click here, and if somehow you missed the unbelievable Grantland piece on Greg Oden...well, shake your head, then click here.

Finally, SI's Zach Lowe perfectly captures my issues with the NBA's age limit rules, and well...

...Chris Bosh.