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Poll - Raptors vs Mavs - Which Team Currently Would You Rather Be?

Let's try this again.

Not sure what happened but last night's poll question didn't exactly come off as planned.

So here's the reboot.

We've given our side of things.

We've heard Lisa Rotter of Mavs Moneyball's take on the situation.

And while both sides picked the Dallas Mavericks as being the preferable team currently, we want to hear your take.

The Mavericks obviously have various advantages in terms of market, ownership and arguably current talent (although it's admittedly an aging group, many of whom have fairly large contractual obligations.) But the Raptors at present have more flexibility and if Jonas Valanciunas indeed turns into the player everyone is expecting, the gap closes a bit.

Add in another lottery pick (obviously if Anthony Davis lands in Toronto's lap that really changes the equation) and the fact that the Raps play in the weaker conference (in terms of playoff upside - remember, the Mavs didn't exactly lock down the West again this year, and were out in 4 games) and I'm not sure it's quite the David vs Goliath match it would appear to be on paper.

But let's hear it, Raps or Mavs, which team currently would you rather be?