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MavsMoneyball Weighs in on Raptors vs Mavs - "Who'd You Rather Be?"

We gave you our thoughts on which team we'd rather be earlier today, the Mavs or Raps, but as we'll be doing in this series, let's see what the opposing team's blogger thinks.

For that we reached out to Lisa Rotter of Mavs Moneyball and here's what she had to say:

Despite the outcome of the Mavericks' season (you know, being swept in the first round) I think I'll stick with my team.

Every franchise goes through its ups and downs. Our down just happened to come after the highest 'up' you can experience in professional basketball. We may have had ourselves a bit of a rebuilding year, what with letting Tyson Chander, JJ Barea and DeShawn Stevenson seek employment elsewhere. And we might have taken on a bunch of role players, some of whom weren't exactly playing with their heads in the game *cough*Odom*cough*.

But we still have one of the best owners in sports, and a front office who is willing to make big moves to keep their Big German happy.

Would we love to get Deron Williams next season? Heck yes. Will we? That remains to be seen after the way we went out this year. But there's no question that Mark Cuban will do everything in his power to make sure Dirk Nowitzki continues to have the best possible chance to succeed. We were all a little thrown off when Mr. Cuban decided to save money rather than spend it this past season, but keep in mind that he did it in order to prepare for the future.

So you can keep your Raps. We're quite happy being ourselves!