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I'm Talkin' About Tryouts!

With the summer season approaching, it is now time for the National Program to hit it's full stride of international competitions. With that being said, Canada Basketball has just announced that they are opening tryouts for players looking to compete for both the Cadet and Junior Men's National Teams.

I know that CB has a network of coaches and talent evaluators across the country identifying and grooming talent but I am a big fan of the tryout for any National Team. I will only speculate that players who are coming out for these tryouts will be vying for an extremely limited amount of spaces available.

I'm don't think that players will be all chosen to wear the Red and White this summer but it is at least a gauge on a player's currently skill level as well as putting more names into a collective pool for future teams and possibly even help identify guys that may have been missed or show potential to play at this level.

So if you know a young cat with some good game, let them know about these events. They may not get picked to play on the team, which will likely be the case for about 98.7% of them in my guesstimation, but they will at least get to play some good ball and put themselves out there to some CB peeps that can only help improve their game.