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Raptors Hold Sixers to Seven Fourth Quarter Points in 99 to 78 Win (Rapid Recap)

-Normally, holding the playoff-bound Philadelphia 76ers to seven fourth quarter points in a 99 to 78 win would be cause for celebration. Not tonight though as the Toronto Raptors likely took another step back this evening in terms of their pursuit of likely number one overall pick, Anthony Davis.

-The Raptors simply out-worked the 76ers all night and particularly in the second half, Philly had no answer for just about anything TO did. The Raps shot 51 per cent from the field, held a 46 to 29 advantage on the glass, was perfect from the free-throw line, and simply dominated when the game was in the balance in the third quarter.

-Leading the Raps were Andrea Bargnani and DeMar DeRozan yet again. The duo combined for 42 points in the win, and shot a fairly good percentage for the second-straight night in doing so. Plus, they accounted for 9 of Toronto's 12 free-throw attempts, made all, and Bargs even grabbed five rebounds for good measure.

-Yes, a hint of sarcasm there but seriously, this was one of the best matches the Raps have played in a long time. Every single player, from Ed Davis and his 14 rebounds, to Aaron Gray and his third quarter dominance down low, made an impact and as further proof, 10-Day contracter Alan Anderson, who got the start tonight for James Johnson, even chipped in 13 poitns and 4 rebounds.

-I'm not even going to talk about the 76ers who simply looked atrocious. I'll leave that up to SB Nation's Liberty Ballers who at one point last night tweeted to me that "Dead 1977 Obi-Wan had more energy than this Sixers team."

-Yep, we'll leave it at that. For the Raps, they now take a three-game winning streak back home to face the Cavs, who are in the process of tanking their way into another top lottery pick. You think maybe the Raptors could hang out with them pre-game and pick up some tips?