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Raptors HQ Presents, "Sh#t Raptors' Fans Never Say"

The Toronto Raptors have a storied history.

Storied as in possessing a 41 per cent winning percentage, and only five trips to the playoffs despite 17 seasons of NBA existence.

Not so great. In fact, amongst active NBA teams, only the Charlotte Bobcats have a worse overall mark.

Now if we looked over only the years of Toronto's existence, it's probably a bit better, but not much. Recent basement dwellers like Sacramento and Detroit enjoyed periods of sustained success boosting their overall totals, something the Raps simply haven't been able to do.

This season, while an unexpected surprise in many ways in terms of actual wins, was another playoff-less result and it inspired our HQ video team to put together a little compilation. It's a tribute to not only the franchise's not so glorious past, but also to Raptors' fans themselves, who've continued to support the team despite its malaise...

...thanks to a healthy dose of humour of course.

The HQ presents, "Sh#t Raptors' Fans Never Say..."