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Raptors Finally Beat Bobcats...Barely (Rapid Recap)

-Full disclosure, I was stuck at work tonight so didn't get to see this one.

-Judging from various tweets, liveblog comments and the box score, I think that was a good thing as I might have started drinking gasoline watching the Toronto Raptors beat the Charlotte Bobcats 92 to 87.

-Again, I didn't see it, but this seems like a carbon copy of the Dinos' win over the Wizards on Sunday, a game they preferably needed to lose for NBA draft lottery purposes, but should have easily won. And yes, like said match-up, tonight they again did neither.

-A one-point lead with less than a minute left to a team that saw Reggie Williams, Gerald Henderson and Kemba Walker (aka, three of the team's best scoring options) go 6 for 23? Allowing BJ Mullens to drop 20 points and 14 rebounds? Giving up 17 offensive rebounds to the 'Cats???


-Luckily the Raptors' one-dimensional scoring duo of Andrea Bargnani and DeMar DeRozan had it going from the field, combining to drop 50 on Charlotte making 19 of 38 shots. (We're not going to mention the combined seven rebounds and three assists. Shhhh.)

-Looks like an additional boost from Linas Kleiza (17 and 5) completed the "how not to tank" affair and thankfully Scott's got the recap on this one as I'm at a loss right now in terms of what else to say.