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RaptorsHQ TV - Thoughts on Colangelo and Casey's Presser

After a break in our Raptors HQ TV series, we're back with a fresh batch this week. We kick it off with the fearless duo of Franchise and Scott Campsall giving their take on Friday's presser, which featured Toronto Raptors' coach Dwane Casey and President and GM, Bryan Colangelo talking at length to the TO media.

While neither Casey or Colangelo threw out anything too earth-shattering, there were some interesting comments made, particularly around BC's desire to get back into the fray, the team's continued emphasis on "youth" and Casey's desire to play a more up-tempo style next year, something that would seem to run directly in opposition of the way the club played this season, and the strides they made defensively as a result.

Franchise and Scott discuss all of these points, throw in a few other thoughts, and try to stay warm on what was not exactly evening here in Toronto...