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Poll - Will Colangelo Continue the Gradual Raptors' Rebuild, or Go "All In" this Off-Season?

Based on Bryan Colangelo's presser on Friday morning, it seems that he's raring to go. Whether it's the draft, free agency, or making moves via trades, BC is done sitting on his hands, and ready to get down and dirty.

But is this a good thing? As we discussed earlier today, Colangelo has made a big splash in the offseaosn before, but many a time, it's come back to haunt him. Be it Hedo or J.O, Kapono or arguably even Linas Kleiza, the idea that BC is jazzed up about jumping head-first into the off-season has to set off some warning bells amongst Raptors fans.

Maybe this is the new, more restrained version of Bryan Colangelo though, one that while "making a splash," doesn't leap without looking?

We'll see.

But we want to hear your thoughts on BC's "ready for action" speech. Will Colangelo continue with the gradual rebuild, or will he go "all in" this off-season?