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Who's Committed to Their School Now?

Last season wasn't a bust for Khem Birch at Pitt.  Maybe this season in new surroundings at UNLV will be better like a few others on our list.  (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)
Last season wasn't a bust for Khem Birch at Pitt. Maybe this season in new surroundings at UNLV will be better like a few others on our list. (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)
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With the flurry of the movement going on in basketball over the last few weeks in terms of commitments, transfers and the like, Can Ball Ray has provided his running list of commitments that he's compiled thus far.

There are still guys on the board looking for announce where they're going, whether high school senior or college transfer, so this is by no means an exhaustive list right now nut he figures that something to work with is better than nothing so check out who's supposed to be going where right here ...

*** Please note that the name of the players last school before committing is listed before their hometown in parenthesis and their current school of commitment ***

NCAA Division I Commitments

Kemy Osse, Archbishop Carroll in DC (Montreal) – Arkansas-Little Rock

Jermaine Myers, Blair Academy in NJ (Ajax, ON) – Fordham

Nick Wiggins, Wabash Valley Junior College (Toronto) – Wichita State

Patrick Steeves, Hotchkiss School in CT (Montreal) – Harvard

Negus Webster-Chan, Huntington Prep in WV (Toronto) – Missouri

Nik Stauskas, St Mark’s School in Mass (Mississauga, ON) – Michigan

Richard Audu, Next Level Prep (Toronto) – Siena

Richard Peters, Westwind Prep in AZ (Toronto) – Washington State - did not qualify academically and will go to Junior College next season.

Paul-Olivier Betu, Worcester Academy in Mass (Montreal) – UC –Davis

Braxston Bunce, Kelowna Secondary School (Kelowna, BC) – Cornell (correction)

Braedon Anderson, Christian Faith Academy in NC (Okatoks, Alberta) – Fresno State

Olivier Hanlan, New Hampton School in NH (Gatineau, PQ) – Boston College

Ben Muillard, Vanier College (Montreal) – St. Francis

Naz Long, St. Martin's Secondary School (Mississauga, ON) – Iowa State

Junior Lomomba, Memorial in Wisc. (Montreal) – Cleveland State

Grant Mullins, Notre Dame (Burlington) – Columbia

Jarryn Skeete, Brigton Academy in Maine (Brampton) – Buffalo

Agunwa Okolie, Denis O’Connor (Ajax) – Harvard

Shae Jones, Cypress Bay in FL – Presbyterian

Mitch Ferrell, Twin Lakes (Barrie, ON) – NJIT

Ammanuel Diressa, Eastern Commerce (Toronto) – Tennessee Tech

Chadrak Lufile, Coffeyville Community College in KS (Burlington, ON) – Wichita State

Stefan Jankovic, Huntington Prep in WV (Mississauga, ON) – Missouri

Manroop Clair, Huntington Prep (Vancouver) - Hawaii

David Andoh, IMG Academy (Montreal) - San Jose State

Anthony Bennett, Findlay Prep (Brampton, ON) - UNLV

Dyshawn Pierre, Anderson (Whitby, ON) - Dayton

Matt Willms, Findlay Prep (Leamington, ON) - UTEP

Marvin Binney, New Mexico Junior College (Toronto) - Duquesne

Damion Rashford, Westwind Academy (Ajax, ON) - Loyola, Md

Kaza Keane, Christian Faith Center Academy (Ajax, ON) - Illinois State

Jaylen Babb-Harrison, J Clarke Richardson (Ajax, ON) - Eastern Kentucky

Joe De Ciman, LeBoldus (Regina) - Colorado State


Tyrel Edwards, Olney Central (Hamilton) - Canisius

Chad Posthumus, Horward Junior College (Winnipeg) - Morehead State

Recent Division I Transfers Eligible in 2013-14

Dylan Ennis, Rice (Brampton, ON) - Villanova

Kadeem Green, Missouri (Toronto) – Ohio U

Emerson Murray, Cal (Vancouver) - Seattle

Christian Kabongo, New Mexico State - Southeast Missouri

Division I Transfers Eligible This Season

Juevol Myles, Kansas State (Toronto) – North Dakota

Dallin Bachynski, Southern Utah (Calgary) – Utah

Mangisto Arop, Gonzaga (Edmonton) - Indiana State

Murphy Burnatowski, Maine (Waterloo, ON) - Colgate

Dejan Kravic, York University (London, ON) - Texas Tech

Khem Birch, Pitt (Montreal) - UNLV - Birch should be eligible for the second semester is I'm not mistaken.

Division 1 Transfers Who Haven't Committed To Another School Yet

Jabs Newby, Eastern Kentucky (Toronto)

Osman Olol, Coppin State (Toronto)

Robinson Odoch-Opong, LIU - Brooklyn (Quebec City)

Vishal Banipal, Idaho State (Calgary)

*** NOTE: If you have any corrections or better yet new insider info on commits or transfers, send them over our way. You will get the credit for sure. ***