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Colangelo on PTS - "We're an Attractive Market...and We've Got Money to Spend"

Quick Saturday night post here.

In case you missed it, Bryan Colangelo stopped by Prime Time Sports yesterday to talk to Bob McCown about the Toronto Raptors, their season, Dwane Casey's extension, and a number of other topics. Most of the interview is pretty cut and dry, but there are a few nuggets to be found.

Interest in Linas kleiza around the trade deadline? Jose Calderon potentially playing the mentor role to a new point guard? The Raptors looking at some top "3-man" options in the draft?

It's all there as well as again, Bryan Colangelo shooting down the idea that Toronto has a tough time recruiting US players. This seems to be a central them for BC of late, and interestingly in his defense of TO as a free-agent destination, he discusses the issues Orlando has had with Dwight Howard, Orlando of course being a market that weather and tax-wise, would seem to be a great spot to set up shop long term...

Click here for the full piece.