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Lunchbox Links - Raptors' End of Season Edition

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It's hard to believe the 2011-12 season ended for the Toronto Raptors less than 48 hours ago.

However in that time span we've had final words from players, coaches, and yesterday, the GM, Bryan Colangelo himself. To that end, we've got a ton of links, starting with some final player thoughts via the Toronto Sun.

We'll start with Ed Davis, a work in progress for the Dinos, before moving onto another project who needs to get stronger, DeMar DeRozan. Jerryd Bayless wants to remain in Toronto, and well, a rather optimistic look at Mr. Andrea Bargnani.

The National Post's Eric Koreen goes "unplugged" with the Raps on the season that was, and the Toronto Star's Cathal Kelly notes that the team sees better days ahead.

A lot of this "better days ahead" talk starts with the coach, Dwane Casey, who will have a full off-season this year to further make his mark. The Raptors recently extended Casey, a true no-brainer if there ever was one, and he's already talking playoffs next season.

Finally, some words from Bryan Colangelo, who can't wait to sink his teeth into this off-season. He and Casey talked to the media at length Friday morning about where the club goes from here, and it's evident that BC is done being patient, and eagerly awaiting the shackles to come off in terms of making moves.

As's Tim Chisholm notes, it will be interesting to see if he can make good on a second chance.

If he doesn't, I'm guessing we'll get a lot more "Raptors' rants" from our boy Devo Brown, and end of season highlight packages like this.