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The Can Ball Report's Nicholson Watch - V.2

In the latest of the mock Draft, we a move for Andrew Nicholson but this time not from a place in the order but a different team.

In the last post we did about this, Nicholson was sitting in the 30th spot but to the Bulls instead of the Warriors. The site is indicating that the pick is via San Antonio but I don't know the intricacies of how that happened assume via trade (or how the Bulls moved up a spot from the last entry either for that matter. [Don't worry, i figured it out. I had a brain fart late last night.]).

I don't know if this situation works as well for Nicholson as a Bulls one since as of now there is a logjam of frontcourt players but here he could find a place. For a team that is short on shot blockers he could fill that role playing as a stretch four. Also, playing with David Lee and Richard Jefferson could be a blessing. They could be great tutors for both the inside and outside game. I don't who will be coming back to the Warriors for next season but assuming that Nicholson is picked up by the Bay, he could be a possible contributor off the bench.

Side note: This latest mock has Kris Joseph being selected in the 2nd round going to ... Golden State also. Making this team for Joseph would be good if Jefferson is indeed still on the team. This would be damn good position to be in for Kris since Jefferson is a true pro both on and off the floor.