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Look What Canadian Basketball Stuff I Found On Ebay

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Keeping with the new series Can Ball Ray, losing sleep again on Ebay, has unearthed something pretty cool for all you CIS fans out there - a throwback Brock Badgers shooting shirt. It looks legit and may even smell like the musty closet some former player kept it in. Check it out right here ...

Today's Item - A Brock University Shooting Shirt

So I found this pretty cool looking shooting shirt on Ebay a few days ago. It's a pretty interesting looking Brock University short sleeved warm up shirt. Now the seller is saying it's from Brock University in the CIS so I'm going to assume all is on the up and up on this piece and we'll take it as it is. It looks to be a throwback and when I say throw back I mean from the 90s. A legit piece of 20 year old basketball history.

I can only say that it's a throwback for two reasons:

First, the color scheme of the shirt is not of the current Brock Badgers. The primary colors now are red and white depending on whether the team is playing at home or away with red, white or blue accents. This is obviously not remotely close to either so it can't be recent.

The second it that it's made by the Saxon company which was on of the primary uniform suppliers to many of the varsity schools, both college/university and high school, back when I was trying to stay awake in class. Saxon still makes a number of the uniforms for some of the CIS ball teams but the current official basketball uniform supplier for the Badgers is Adidas making this at least from before that partnership.

I won't go into the styling of the shirt because, well, I have a similar looking shooting shirt from my varsity days in my closet and I don't want to disrespect it. Just a quick glance will give you the impression that it's not from the last decade or maybe even the one before that. I could be wrong but I know I'm right, sorry.

Anyhow, the shooting shirt looks legit. I'd probably think about sending a quick email to the athletic department at Brock to confirm that this is indeed a legit piece of team memorabilia before I buy it I were you though. If you're a big CIS basketball buff, a former Brock alum or just someone in need of a shooting shirt to impress the hipsters at the next meeting of the minds, this could be the shirt for you.

Remember to wash it thoroughly before wear though.