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Game-Day Thread: Nets vs. Raptors - Video Pre-Game Report/Season Review with

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April 26, 2012
Sportsnet One - 7:00 PM EST

Well folks, it all comes down to this.

Raptors vs Nets for all the marbles. pong balls.

In fact not even ALL the ping pong balls, just a shot at potentially the sixth most, or, although extremely unlikely, a tie for third most with several other NBA clubs.

So essentially this is a must-lose game for Toronto but as we've noted a few times already today, that's not going to be so easy. The Nets are essentially playing rookies and D Leaguers, and while the Raps have their own share of most-known unknowns, on paper they don't quite compare.

Plus the Raps have Dwane Casey leading the charge and you know that the work "tank" just isn't in his vocabulary unless we're talking Army or GI Joe's.

But for the full goods on tonight, and a quick look back on the season that was, we for the final time this year, turn things over courtside to our good buddy Ryan McNeill of Hooplife and Sportsnet, and his special guest tonight, the one and only Ryan Wolstat from the Toronto Sun.

Take it away gents, and Go Nets!