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How Should the Raptors Ensure a Loss Tonight? - Let the Fans Suit Up

Earlier this morning we previewed tonight's match against the New Jersey Nets, a match, that could be epic in its awfulness. Sean Tepper, who penned the post, advocated going for the win and while I respectfully disagree, he may have a point.

Maybe they should just go for a crushing win because how the hell can the Raps lose tonight when the Nets are rolling out this starting five and this total eight?

One of our readers, Tim W, editor of "The Picket Fence, may have the solution:

Let the fans play.

In an intriguing post, Tim advocates the idea that the Raptors organization truly makes tonight a "fan appreciation night" by indeed, allowing one fan to suit up.

How great would that be?

Now I'm sure there are all sorts of NBA labour rules and regulations that this would shatter, but at it's core, it's an intriguing idea. Hell, many of the season seat holders tonight have likely been putting up with bad basketball for over four seasons now so why not reward their patience? (And at the same time, reward the Dinos with a lottery pick.)

Short of playing Solomon Alabi at point guard, Aaron Gray at shooting guard, Ed Davis at small forward and Ben Uzoh and Gary Forbes at the big man spots, I'm not sure how else tonight can end up in anything else than a W for the Dinos.

So get a fan or hell, five in there, and really cap this season off in tanking style.

Nets, I see your Sundiata Gaines, and I raise you Timmy Murphy, from Burlington!