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Nets' Wallace and Humphries to Sit vs Raptors Tonight

Looks like the New Jersey Nets have made the first move in what inevitably will become some form of tankish chess. SB Nation's New Jersey Nets' blog, Nets' Daily, is reporting that the Nets will sit two of their best players tonight versus the Toronto Raptors - Gerald Wallace and Kris Humphries.

From the post:

Starting for the Nets in a game that will help determine how many ping pong balls each team gets in next month's lottery: Sundiata Gaines, MarShon Brooks, DeShawn Stevenson, Gerald Green and Jordan Williams. Also available are Armon Johnson, Anthony Morrow and Johan Petro.



Ok, we do know who most of these guys are but wow, talk about essentially a D League starting five. (Not to mention only having eight options in terms of players to play, in TOTAL!)

One can only hope the Raps combat it by rolling out their tankiest possible combinations as well, even if that means starting Solomon Alabi at point guard.