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Filed under:'s Marc Stein Shoots Down Vujacic Rumours, Raptors Nation Breathes Collective Sigh of Relief

As D Stance noted in the comments to our previous post on this matter, "Sanity Prevails...for now."'s Marc Stein tweeted late Wednesday evening that:

"a source familiar w/ Toronto's thinking insists Raps have NO plans to make free-agent offer to Sasha Vujacic despite reports in Turkey today."

Everyone ok now?

The funny thing is, imagine the Raptors WERE considering such an offer originally, but immediately back-peddled based on the reaction from fans and the media?

I still don't buy it (I wouldn't put my life in BC's hands but he's no Billy King) but it's great to see some of the mainstream folks dig into things like this when they come up.

Best part?

Some of the comments to Stein's tweet, my favourite being:

@kcopen - "that almost sounds like an Onion headline."

Which is pretty much what most of us first thought as well when the rumours first started to fly.