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Look What Canadian Basketball Stuff I Found On Ebay

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In a new series of fun blog posts, Can Ball Ray will look at the stuff that keeps him awake late at night and his wife increasingly worried - Canadian Basketball sports memorabilia. Having been an avid collector of basketball stuff for a good part of his life, he spends countless hours on Ebay looking for something to add to his collection. Come check out what he's this week here ...

Item #1 - A Genuine Men's National Team Road Jersey

Now this has been killing me for the last few weeks. I've been seeing this item on Ebay for a little while and I'm really at a loss as to who this player could have been. It would have to have been a player who played on the National Team at some point but not later than 1999.

I know my Canada Basketball history enough to know that this was the uniform style that the team used before the 2000 Olympics when they went to the Nike Dri-Fit material. It's a legit game jersey with the size 56 + tag and that would mean that the guy wearing it would have to be a big dude. If anyone has any idea of who this player might be I'd appreciate the help.

I'd also appreciate it a lot more if you would also consider buying the jersey for me. At $250, this is the most expensive piece of actual Canada Basketball memorabilia I've seen on Ebay since the game used Kelly Olynyk World Championship jersey before the New Year.

Item #2 - A Game Worn Vancouver Grizzlies Warm Up Jacket

Now here we have a very nice piece of Canadian basketball history. We have a genuine, team issued Vancouver Grizzlies shooting shirt worn by none other than the great Duke point god Bobby Hurley.

If you will recall, Hurley had a star studded collegiate career at Duke where he helped to pilot the Blue Devils to back-to-back NCAA Championships in 1991 and 1992 and would be named an All American in 1993. After he had a near fatal car accident playing in his rookie year in Sacramento, Hurley ended up in Van-City to close out his career. He played well for those years in Sac-Town but when he got to the Grizz he was at the tail end and though his production was good he didn't really have the time to make a lasting impression as he retired at the end of the season.

The warm up jacket was is a legit team issue jacket. The road black edition is made by Champion, the official team outfitter for the Grizzlies then, the jacket had the year tag for the season it was issued (1997-98) and it has Hurley's jersey number 12 hand printed on one of the inside tags.

Being that the Grizz are now playing in Memphis, this type of game used memorabilia is becoming exceedingly rare. Snap this one up before it goes and at $199.99, it's not cheap but not exactly too expensive either.