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Raptors Readying Contract for Sasha Vujacic?

And just when you thought the only exciting thing left in this NBA season for the Toronto Raptors was their epic battle tomorrow night against the New Jersey Nets...

Now comes the news, well, unconfirmed news, well, potentially made-up news, that the Toronto Raptors have an $18M offer prepared for former LA Laker and New Jersey Net Sasha Vujacic.



I'll pause while you give yourself the Heimlich maneuver before we proceed.

And really, all that needs to be said here was just tweeted by's Tim Chisholm, so I'll defer to him.

That Sasha stuff has to be fake. Has to be. If it's not then Colangelo needs to be stripped of the keys before more damage can be done.
Although I say that firmly believing that not even Colangelo could overvalue a mediocre European player that badly... can he?
I do love, though, how Colangelo and the Raptors have become the dumping ground for rumors of Euro players getting nutso contracts