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The Can Ball Report Nicholson Watch

Of the Canadians eligible for this season NBA Draft, it's safe to assume that St. Bonaventure's Andrew Nicholson will be the safest bet to be selected the highest. He's done nothing but blow expectations out of the water since stepping on the floor at Olean for practice four years ago and now one of the truest scholar-athlete's in the NCAA will be on the cusp of being an instant millionaire.

So what we've decided to do was have a running Andrew Nicholson stock watch as we get closer to the Draft in June.

Last week, NBA Draft website, which has been very good at predicting the places of potential picks the last few years, had Nicholson pegged for 30th pick to Chicago only to be moved to 31st yesterday and then back to the 30th pick today.

To be honest, I like the fit for Nicholson here. Since he's not a big enough body to bang with true centers, he would have the likes of Joakim Noah and Carlos Boozer to allow him to play the four and use his burgeoning perimeter game. This would also allow for him to play the help side D where he can use his mobility and quickness to his and the team's advantage as an active shot blocker.

The other NBA Draft site I frequent is and they have a more optimistic look at Nicholson going to Cleveland at 25. I like this look too for him since a similar situation is in effect here like with the Bulls. Big vet bodies like in Anderson Verejao and Antawn Jamison to help teach him the game. I think in this situation he may be asked to man the five some but that would be dependant on whether they play Tristan Thompson at centre more and they keep Samardo Samuels, Luke Harangody or Semih Erden.

Either way, Nicholson is projecting in the late first right now and that can change by the week. We'll keep this running look for you guys and we can compare his movement on the boards as the time for the Draft gets near. It's still really early but this should be fun when the Draft combine hits next month.