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Being a Scalper in Toronto is Not Easy

Apparently it's hard out there for Charlotte Bobcats' ticket scalpers.

And why not?

The club is in the discussion for being the worst NBA team ever, is 27th in attendance, and has a motley collection of players that were recently describe as so by's John Hollinger:

...Most notably, they're (the Bobcats are) threatening to not have a single player with a PER above the league average of 15.00. Thanks to a late charge, rookie Kemba Walker has pushed his mark up to 15.28, which for the moment has him dangling over the precipice of respectability...

Let's not even get into the whole "can the Charlotte Bobcats beat the Kentucky Wildcats" thing.

But that's just one team, how about a city full of underachieving or just plain bad sports teams?

That's what Toronto scalpers are facing, something one of them recently described in full vivid detail for our RaptorsHQ street team: