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Not a Raptor to be Found on Basketball Prospectus' NBA Awards Ballot

From the "Truly Shocking" category of news, not a single member of the Toronto Raptors was even considered for Basketball Prospectus' end-of-season NBA awards ballot.


Ok, not so yikes considering the Raptors didn't really have a rookie that qualified for the Rookie of the Year award (see you next season though Jonas), and on a 22 win team, it's hard to expect many great individual performances.

Factor in injuries to players like Andrea Bargnani and Jerryd Bayless who may have gotten some "most improved" consideration and yeah, hardly a surprise that BP's ballot is "Raptor-less."

There is a caveat though in that Dwane Casey does get a mention in the post. He's not a finalist on the ballot but Kevin Pelton notes that "Dwane Casey changed the culture in Toronto and steered the Raptors to a major defensive turnaround."

Can't argue with that, and considering the bevy of outstanding options for Coach of the Year, I'd be pressed to put Casey above fifth in such a voting exercise.

We'll get'em next year right?