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Lunchbox Links - Bucks-Raptors, Lottery Talk, the Future of the Raptors' Back-court and More

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65 games down, one to go.

We'll of course continue on with Lunch Box Links well after we close the book on the Raptors' 2011-12 campaign, but in terms of recapping game action, we're getting down to the last drops.

Last night's loss to the Bucks provides some thoughts from both the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal and, as well as Ryan Wolstat in his regular Points Per Game series.

One player who did not have such a hot night was DeMar DeRozan, ejected in the first quarter for tossing the ball at the officials after a, correct, travel call. Casey post-game on the ejection noted that "it was a teaching moment for him..." and "all part of the maturity process."

The problem is, how many more of those moments is DeRozan going to get? As Ryan McNeil points out there have been some good moments this season for DeMar, but overall we're still talking about a player who hardly looks to be legit starting shooting guard in this league, a problem noted by Tim Chisholm in his thorough breakdown of the Raptors current back-court heading into the off-season.

Speaking of the off-season, it's just around the corner and Toronto continues to do its best to grab a top spot in the NBA draft lottery...which makes the upcoming Death Match between the Nets and Raptors this Thursday so damn hilarious. The Nets have even more at stake than the Raptors considering the bizarre Gerald Wallace trade they made at the deadline, and the fact that they could indeed be facing a future without Deron Williams.

Even funnier?

How about the Washington Wizards re-signing Ernie Grunfeld?

Or the poor Charlotte Bobcats, who lost their 21st consecutive game last night. How did they get to this low, low, oh so very low point? Basketball Prospectus takes a look.