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Poll - How Many Wins Will the Raptors Finish the NBA Season With?

As noted this AM, this evening's game against the Detroit Pistons is a big one for the Toronto Raptors.

The team is currently tied for the seventh-worst record in the league with the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors have been in full tank effect essentially since trading Monta Ellis for the injured Andrew Bogut and not wanting to lose this year's lottery pick (it goes to Utah if they end up with the eighth pick or higher), they've been doing their best not to win games.

So to keep pace, Toronto needs to lose the remainder of the games in our estimation, not an easy task considering their final opponents are the Milwaukee Bucks tomorrow night (a sub .500 team), the New Jersey Nets to end the season (another team trying not to lose a lottery protected pick) and tonight of course, the Detroit Pistons. The Pistons are only inches behind the Raptors in the draft race so a win this evening by Toronto would indeed drop the Dinos to eighth in the Anthony Davis chase.

Therefore today's poll question asks, "how many wins will the Raps end up with?" Give us your thoughts below!