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Draftexpress Looks to Find A Niche for Harrison Barnes


When you're talking about the NBA Draft, should be the first name that comes to mind. Jonathan Givony and his team essentially popularized the idea of mock drafts and draftniks and now there's a whole industry associated with the topic.

They continue to provide NBA fans with great insight into not only individual prospects, but they systems they play in and around this time of year, they become essentially a daily must-read.

Their latest post though is one that I wanted to highlight for our readers and all Raptors' fans as it deals with the University of North Carolina's Harrison Barnes. Barnes of course at one point looked like the dream prospect for the Dinos, but his play this past season, particularly in the NCAA playoffs, left a lot to be desired.

However are fans and scouts being too hard on the All-ACC team member?

From Draftexpress' breakdown:

When looking forward to Barnes' role at the NBA level, his mature frame, scoring tools, and defensive ability give him a nice base to build on and should allow to him to contribute to an NBA team right away.

And that indeed may be the case.

But does this mean the Raps should take a shot at Barnes if he's available when Toronto picks?