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Poll - Should the Raptors make a play for either Lowry or Dragic this off-season?

This morning we discussed the option of the Toronto Raptors pursuing one of the Houston Rockets' two point guards, Kyle Lowry and Goran Dragic. Neither are Chris Paul, but both could be better long-term solutions for the Raps than Jose Calderon.

As Tom Martin noted in this morning's piece, he believes the Rockets will make a run at Dragic but ultimately, look to keep Lowry, the more versatile of the two. Lowry still has a couple seasons under contract with Houston, but Dragic will be an unrestricted free agent. He's not on a rookie contract but is one of those exceptions that has three years of NBA experience or less.

Lowry is the more proven player, although not by much considering he's really only about a year removed from breaking out.

But Dragic looks quite capable in his own right, shining in Houston after Lowry went down.

So give us take in tonight's poll; Dragic? Lowry? Either or? Neither?