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RaptorsHQ Asks Fans, "If You Could Say One Thing to Chris Bosh..."

Continuing with our "RaptorsHQ on the Street" video series, the HQ team dropped by the Air Canada Centre on the weekend to take in "Chris Bosh Returns to Toronto, Part II."

Well, technically it was the third time Bosh returned to TO since taking his talents to Miami, but he, and LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, failed to play in their second return so Raptors fans got a second shot to boo The Bostrich.

But would they?

That's part of what we wanted to know when we dropped by the ACC pre-game on Friday; a year removed from Bosh's departure, would the venom that was shot in his direction by many, still persist? Was this on some Vince Carter level hate, or would it even come close?

To get at the answer we decided to ask Raptors' fans in attendance, "if they could say one thing to Chris Bosh, what would it be..."

Here was the result: