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Doc Rivers Voted "Coach NBA Players Would Most Want to Play for" According to SI Poll

Quick link this morning that I thought was an interesting read.

Based on a recent Sports Illustrated poll, Doc Rivers was voted by NBA players as the coach they'd most like to play for.The least? Poor Stan Van Gundy of the Orlando Magic.

Others on the "most" list included the Spurs' Gregg Popovich, Mavericks' Rick Carlisle and Minny's Rick Adelman, as well as ironically, Mike D'Antoni.

Interestingly, D'Antoni's name also appeared on the least list, and unfortunately no mention was made of Toronto Raptors' head coach Dwane Casey. Casey in his first year with the Raps, likely will need a few seasons before showing up on impromptu surveys like this, however I'd be shocked if he eventually didn't make the cut. Besides doing a fabulous job with a very mediocre group of talent, Casey has also, one James Johnson incident aside perhaps, seemingly created the most harmonious locker room this club has had in some time.