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Game-Day Thread: Raptors vs. Heat - No Bosh or Wade for Miami


April 18, 2012

Sportsnet One - 7:30 PM EST

Another interesting one tonight as on paper, this looks like an easy win for the Miami Heat.

Then you hear that Chris Bosh isn't playing.

And that Dwyane Wade won't go again either.

Oh and just for good measure, newly acquired Ronny Turiaf gets the night off as well.


Well you gotta pause a bit I guess.

Toronto won't have Jose Calderon so maybe that tilts the scale back in favour of Miami a bit, but again this is no easy W for the Heat. LeBron James could go off, but he's got precious little around him this evening to rely on otherwise. He'll need to get some help from guys like Shane Battier and Norris Cole if he wants this W.

And he should. LeBron's Heat are still within striking distance of the Chicago Bulls for top spot in the East so let's hope Miami isn't rolling over in this one.