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Friday the 13th is the Only Explanation - Undermanned Raptors Upset Celtics (Rapid Recap)

-We thought this one was going to be ugly and it was. In more ways than one. The Toronto Raptors' lottery chances took another hit tonight as they upset the Boston Celtics 84 to 79 in a game where neither team shot above 38 per cent. Toronto trotted out a starting lineup of Ben Uzoh, DeMar DeRozan, Alan Anderson, Amir Johnson and Aaron Gray and still got the win despite the Celtics missing only Ray Allen in terms of their usual arsenal of weapons.

-How's that for ugly?

-The funny thing is the Raps scored just 13 first quarter points and down 20 to 13, looked like they were indeed going to be on the losing end of a major thrashing.

-But Boston decided not to try from there on out, scoring only 16 second quarter points themselves, resulting in a measly 36 to 30 lead at the half. (Yes, at the half.)

-That wasn't bad enough so the Celtics put up only 11 in the third quarter while the Raptors, behind some great play by their D League PG duo of Ben Uzoh and Justin Dentmon (12 points, 8 assists, 8 rebounds combined) amassed 27, taking a double digit lead late into the game.

-Finally, with about five minutes left, the Celtics realized they needed to start trying, and put on the press, outscoring the Raptors 18 to 4 and getting to within a point of Toronto with 26 seconds to play.

-However the Raptors bent, but would not break, knocking down all eight of their free-throw attempts in those final ticks, sealing the unexpected win that can only be attributed to Friday the 13th.

-Or Dwane Casey.

-Seriously, as I noted on Twitter, could this man not win NBA games with a team of penguins? Yes, the tank stopped rolling for a night but it's hard to be too upset about this win as a Raptors' fan. The team didn't play Jose Calderon, announced before the match that Bargnani was being shelved for the season, and saw the starting line-up I wrote about to kick this recap off.

-Just imagine what Dwane Casey can do once he gets some NBA players...