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Lunchbox Links - Thoughts on Raptors/Sixers, Nerlens Noel, Selling Hope via the Draft and More

Mmmm...lunch. How about some links about last night's action to get us started? Liberty Ballers gives their take on the win from a Philly perspective, Ryan Wolstat of the Toronto Sun gives his points per game, including his take on James Johnson's recent play, and the National Post's Eric Koreen takes a quick look at the match before discussing some of the players the Raptors still have major questions about going into this off-season.

One of these players is Ed Davis, the subject of Raptors' coach Dwane Casey's pre-game chat, captured by

Next topic? How about the NBA draft.

The Raptors still need to do some work to feel comfortable in the race for a top five spot based on SB Nation's latest lottery watch update. SB Nation also looks at the top prospects, but from a cranky scout's perspective.

From, the draft lottery represents a glimmer of hope for Raptors' fans, however Wages of Wins cautions on the costs of "tanking," unless you're sure to find the next Tim Duncan.

Or what about the next Nerlens Noel?

Finally, the draft isn't the only place you can find talent. SB Nation looks at Lester Hudson, another player who may have simply needed the right opportunity to shine, while the Wages of Wins looks at some options in terms of finding the next Jeremy Lin, including a personal fave of mine, Kevin Jones.