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Sixers Beat Short-Handed Raptors 93 to 75 as Dinos Can't Buy a Basket (Rapid Recap)

-You lika ze offence? Well this one wasn't then. The Toronto Raptors shot 36 per cent en route to a 93 to 75 loss to the Philadelphia 76ers.

-Not much to say about this one except that it's pretty hard to win games when you're without half of our regular team. We knew Andrea Bargnani would sit and that others like Jerryd Bayless wouldn't magically reappear in the line-up, but Jose took another shot to the eye causing him to leave for another round of stitches, and late in the game, Linas Kleiza left as well due to knee issues.

-Were the Raps pulling out all the stops in terms of tanking?

-Hard to say but one thing's for certain; you can't win in the NBA on Anderson and Davis alone.

-And that's really all Toronto had going for themselves tonight. Ed Davis played 31 minutes and had 13 points and 13 rebounds, and Alan Anderson continued to make us wonder if it was he, not DeMar DeRozan, that the Raptors picked ninth overall in the 2009 NBA Draft. Anderson had 13 points and fought hard all game to get a W for the Raps while DeMar had 11 points and was just sorta there.

-The good news for Raptors fans is that yes, this is another loss and a big one considering the 76ers lost to Toronto last time they faced off, and Cleveland lost this evening to Indiana. This ensures that Toronto keeps pace in the race for Mr. Davis, and hats off to a balanced Sixers club for making this possible. (Six double-digit scorers.)

-Next up for the Raps? A nice little stretch of surging Boston, match-up nightmare Atlanta (back to back), topped off with the Miami Heat.