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Game-Day Thread: 76ers vs. Raptors - Video Pre-Game Report with

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April 11, 2012
Sportsnet One - 7:00 PM EST

Let the Wiser's Slow Clap continue!

Andrea Bargnani is again sitting this evening as the Toronto Raptors face off with the Philadelphia 76ers for the ninth time this season.

Ok not ninth.

Only the third.

But doesn't it seem like these teams have played each other more than that this season?

The funny thing is that I'd be fine with the Raps playing ONLY the 76ers for the rest of the season if we were talking about the team that started the season 25 and 17. But they've gone 5 and 10 since a three-game winning streak ending March 11th, and they're barely clinging onto a playoff spot at this point.

Hell, the Raps beat this club last week!

Tonight I'm hoping ends differently (yes, for Anthony Davis purposes) hence the continued slow clap at the absence of Andrea once more.

But for the full breakdown of this match though, we turn it over to Ryan McNeill of who today is joined by special guest Jay Satur, from