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Lamb Enters NBA Draft, Plumlee Opts to Return to Duke

With a number of recent NBA prospects declaring their intentions of entering the NBA's draft this summer, we thought it would be a good time to check in on just who's in, and who's either still giving it some thought, or have decided to head back to school for another year.

Jeremy Lamb announced today that he's in for good (which was in many ways a no-brainer considering the potential sanctions that UCONN is facing) but others like Cody Zeller and Duke's Mason Plumlee have decided to return for another year of schooling. From's Chad Ford regarding Plumlee:

Mason Plumlee must think NBA scouts are neurotic. Every year he becomes a better basketball player and every year his NBA Draft stock drops. This year Plumlee had, by far, his most productive season but scouts expected more, especially offensively, from the bouncy big man. Had he stayed in the draft, he'd be a likely late first-round pick. If he can add some offense to his game, he's got a shot at going in the mid-to-late first round next year.

While Plumlee wasn't realistically in Toronto's draft range in terms of a first-round pick, the more players that go back to school, the less promising that early second-rounder looks; always a potential landing spot for high-upside players that fall for various reasons. (Usually off-court ones.) Besides Plumlee, other potential late first-round or early second-round picks that are now going back to school include Ohio State's Deshaun Thomas, Florida's Patrick Young, UNLV's Mike Moser, Lehigh's CJ McCollum, Michigan's Trey Burke, and Canadian guard Myck Kabongo of Texas.

Who's officially in?

Here's a full list courtesy of

And yes, we're still waiting for the official word from the kids of Kentucky...