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Game Day Thread: Wizards vs. Raptors - Video Pre-Game Report with

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April 1, 2012
TSN - 6:00 PM EST

Instead of discussing the Raptors vs the Wizards tonight, we thought we'd do a liveblog that focuses on a more epic match-up, the Denver Nuggets versus the Orlando Magic, also tipping off at 6 PM.

April Fools!

As if we'd miss this one!

While it's an April match-up between two teams that will be lucky to win 20 games, it's no less important regarding their respective futures as the 12 win Washington Wizards are trying to keep a lock on the league's third-worst record while it certainly wouldn't hurt Toronto to inch a bit closer.

The tricky thing is, despite losing two of three to the Wiz, Washington is holding two of its starters (Nene and Trevor Booker) out with severe cases "tank-itis" so this doesn't look like an L for the Dinos.

But to fully preview this one, we turn it once again over to's Ryan McNeil, for his take live from the Air Canada Centre. Today his special guest is none other than television culture maestro and Indie-Rock fan Eric Koreen of the National Post!